Einstein Analytics Cloud

Transform the way you explore data, find answers, and take action.

ApostleTech is on the leading edge of delivering solutions based on the Einstein Analytics Cloud. Our deep Salesforce analytics experience combined with a strong background in BI, ERP and ETL technologies, has positioned us to deliver significant value through our Einstein Analytics Service offerings.

Get immediate results.

Native integration means you can get up and running quickly with the speed, scale, and security of Salesforce. No hassle, and no more waiting around for IT.

Do more with your data.

Einstein Analytics makes it easy to connect right to your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data. So now you can dynamically explore any information to spot trends and visualize key performance indicators.

Take action instantly.

Einstein Analytics makes it easy to act on your data. So once you find an answer, you can immediately take the next step and assign a sales task, close a service case, or collaborate with key stakeholders.

Customize apps.

Einstein Analytics apps are built to help you unlock the full power of Salesforce data. Give your sales and service teams the tools to instantly find answers that lead to smarter deals and happier customers.

Work from any device.

Einstein Analytics was designed mobile-first and optimized for tablet, phone, and watch. Now every member of your team can slice and dice data, no matter where they’re working.