Data Integration

Integrate your apps by connecting everything, fast.

Connect and access data from other Salesforce orgs and or external sources. Incorporate data from other departments on legacy systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, JDE, etc.) in real time.

Salesforce offers a rich library of programmatic and declarative integration tools to implement business logic spanning multiple application systems.

Business Logic Integration

Salesforce offers a powerful workflow engine that allows customers to develop end-to-end business processes that span multiple applications.

User Interface Integration

Present a unified and integrated user experience to customers, partners, and employees, even if users are interacting with multiple web applications built in different languages.

Public APIs & ETL Tools

Salesforce APIs let us connect to multiple platforms so you can unlock your back office, as well as connect to data from anything, like other applications, products, devices, and even wearable technology.

ApostleTech has expert knowledge of the latest ETL tools such as CastIron, JitterBit, Boomi, SSIS and others.

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