It's not about HOW you sell, it's about WHY they buy!

What makes this program different from others? Salesology isn’t about “how to sell”, but about “how people buy” and the thought processes that drive their decision making behavior. When you understand how people buy, it’s easier to sell to them.
That’s a new approach to selling!

A la Carté Lessons

Each of the lessons listed below are available to you and your team, choose one or a few!

Sales Reboot

It’s CRITICAL to understand what customers are looking for and what you will need to provide them in order to make a buying decision. It's no longer enough to give them information like features and benefits . Learn what they want; reboot your sales approach!

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Value-Centric Sales

This is a comprehensive series on selling value. You will learn how to position your value, not your price by identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that motivate buyers to act.

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Influencing Change

Having a great product or price isn't enough if you can’t convince the customer to take action. Understanding what motivates a customer to buy or not buy is key to selling effectively. In this series you'll learn how to create a sense of urgency and other tips to get customers to make a buying decision.

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Sales Presence

Have you ever been bored out of your mind listening to a presenter? Well, you're not alone. In this series you will LEARN what it takes to create and have sales presence (i.e., the ability to command attention and demand action). Discover simple to use techniques to keep your listener (buyer) engaged in what you're selling.

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Hi-Tech Selling

Thanks to technology, today‘s customers are more informed than ever, and their trust factor is low. In this series you learn how to use technology in your sales process.

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Competitive Selling

The rise in the number of competitors and the increasing ease with which customers can research and compare their options means that you will have to acknowledge your rivals. But what is the best way to sell your solution over a competitor’s?

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Brilliant Basics

Create the foundation for your sales process with these guided steps to increase your sales velocity. Build your new, more profitable sales process from the ground up.

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Closing the Credibility Gap

Closing the sale often times has less to do with the product or price and more with whether or not the customer TRUSTS YOU. In this series you'll learn easy to implement tips that will allow you to not only CONNECT with your customer but also build the necessary trust and CREDIBILITY to make the sale.

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The Theory of Closing

"Closing" is misunderstood because it is often seen as a moment in time – that is, it’s all about the "big close" at the end of the discussion. This viewpoint will lead to a faulty approach, and likely an awkward and unwelcome final close.

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Mindset & Motivation

Before your customer even sets foot through your door, there is a lot of work that needs to be done! Making sure that you are both physically and mentally ready prior to any interaction with a guest will ensure you get started in the right direction!

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3 Day

Pro Class

Why do people buy? How do they make buying decisions? What motivates people to buy one product over another of equal price? This course is designed for the sales professional ready to take the next step on the journey to sales excellence.

5 Day

Master Class

This advanced sales training academy begins by analyzing the sales process from the ”buyers perspective”. Being an effective salesperson requires a firm understanding of the “psychological triggers” in the decision making process.

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Cory Charles

Sales Trainer

My PURPOSE is fueled with my PASSION

Our Human Experience Revisionist. Cory trains salespeople to achieve quicker-selling results with the program SALESology. He is a dynamic trainer who specializes in taking apart complex subject matter and breaking it down to simple, applicable, everyday strategies for sales success (with his own fun twist). His workshops are loaded with sales strategies backed by research in the field of consumer behavior.

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