Referral Program

Join the ApostleTech Referral Partner Program, Today!

ApostleTech Referral Partners introduce ApostleTech & Salesforce (CRM) to companies that are searching for customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning software and might benefit from the cloud based solutions.

Referral Partners may choose to receive a referral fee of 10% of the first executed professional services contract or if desired, no fee at all.

Benefits to Partners

ApostleTech’s Referral Partners benefit from the program in a couple key ways:

  • Association with a leading provider of Salesforce consulting services.
  • The ability to “bundle” your specialized services around our engagement model.

There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for membership in the ApostleTech Referral Partner Program. In addition, ApostleTech bears the cost of selling, closing, implementing and servicing companies you refer.

Benefits to Customers

Companies you introduce to ApostleTech will benefit from a substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than they would experience with “traditional” software; end-to-end CRM and ERP functionality; and industry-specific capabilities that will allow them to become more efficient and competitive. Many consultants see the ApostleTech Referral Partner Program as a way to generate revenue; others, especially those specializing in business services, want to maintain impartiality. ApostleTech offers two options:

  • You can take the Referral Fee in cash.
  • You can refer clients but elect not to receive a referral fee. You will still benefit from membership in the program by gaining access to a better understanding of our services and the advantages of Salesforce.

Take the next step toward offering more comprehensive services; securing longer-term client relationships, and helping your clients become more efficient and competitive. Join the ApostleTech Referral Partner Program today.