Increase your Referrals and improve Physician Satisfaction

Salesforce Physician Relationship Management


Physician Relationship Management (PRM) is your tool to manage the very important relationships with you and your network of physicians.

ApostleTech specializes in implementing and integrating Salesforce Healthcare solutions. 

While working with our Healthcare clients we've developed a tailored PRM solution that: 

  • Increases and tracks claims, referrals and renderers by practice type, procedures, payor types and others.
  • Integrates claims data and other desperate data sources (EMR, data warehouse) to measure ROI on sales and marketing efforts.
  • Tracks revenues by procedures, specialty or insurance.
  • Automates staying in touch with your network of providers.
  • Provides email integration and Salesforce’s easy to use mobile solution.

Our PRM solution is a highly customizable application which can be modeled quickly for any organization which requires management of relationships with providers.

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