Life at ApostleTech


Life at ApostleTech

We’re a small firm that believes when you recruit the most intelligent, innovative and talented people across the country and the world, telling them to sit at their desk and do what they’re told obliterates like, 99% of their value. We want innovators, problem solvers, go-getters and people who need to get up from a computer at least once an hour and take a lap. This environment is where those people will flourish.


Just Be Natural…

Nobody expects you to be able to do everything at the same time. Instead we want you to talk openly with your leaders and each other to ensure your prioritizing correctly and managing customer expectations. Open and timely communication will usually ensure lack of attention to a specific task does not turn into a fire. If you see smoke, sound the alarm and bring in others to help smother the flames before they get out of control.

The Office.

Play Hard Work Harder…

We hired you because we like you, and we’d like to see your face! We like hanging together in the office. While we understand ping pong tables and cornhole do not make a culture, we do think having a space to spread out and take a brain break breeds productivity and just makes it more fun! If you find yourself walking down the hall mid-morning with a cup of coffee while you head into the refresh room, don’t freak out. All the perks in the office are here for you to actually use!

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