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Big Data, Small Team: Why Data Is Finally an Even Playing Field

Remember when everyone started talking about Big Data? Businesses were excited about all those valuable insights and their potential to transform organizations. Then some businesses realized that between the sophisticated tools required and the operational costs and advanced skill sets involved, creating an infrastructure that could collect, manage and translate data was out of their reach. Big data solutions made big promises, but the very sales teams that needed to harness that power to compete in the big leagues often found that they just couldn’t afford to.

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Breaking Out of Spreadsheet Prison.

Are you old enough to remember when spreadsheets were new? Okay, you don’t have to answer that. But you probably remember your first thorny spreadsheet project; you stared at the rows and columns for hours, creating formulas for different cells. And as your project grew, so did that spreadsheet – until it turned into a monster with so much data that you couldn’t turn it into anything clear or comprehensive.

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