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Sales Reboot

New Rules of Selling

The world of selling has changed in so many ways. Today buyers are more informed than ever, and the majority are 60% into the buying cycle before contacting you or your company. It’s CRITICAL to understand what customers are looking for and what you will need to provide them in order to make a buying decision. It’s no longer enough to give them information like features and benefits. Learn what they want; reboot your sales approach!

  1. How Selling Has CHANGED

    Selling in the 21st century

  2. STOP Persuading

    Why Buyer’s Don’t Want More Information

  3. BEYOND Selling a Solution

    What is the Customer Looking For

  4. A Relationship is NOT Enough

    How to Solve a Problem

  5. It’s NOT About the Price

    Beyond Differentiation

  6. A Better Alternative to Negotiation

    Does Value Still Count?

Value-Centric Sales

Position Your Value, Not Your Price

This is a comprehensive series on selling value. You will learn how to position your value, not your price by identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that motivate buyers to act.

  1. The SHIFT in Selling

    Sales Philosophy 2.0

  2. Value IMPACT

    What’s Important to the Buyer

  3. Buyer Types (SOCIAL STYLES)

    Customer Mindset

  4. BUYING Process vs. Sales Process

    A Process About the Buyer NOT You

  5. VALUE-Centric Sales Model

    Selling to Their Hot Buttons

  6. Anticipate & BLOCK Objections

    Own the Objection Before it Owns You

Influencing Change

Position Your Value, Not Your Price

Having a great product or price isn’t enough if you can’t convince the customer to take action. Understanding what motivates a customer to buy or not buy is key to selling effectively. In this series you’ll learn how to create a sense of urgency and other tips to get customers to make a buying decision.

  1. Get Customers to ACT

    Why Customers Are On the Fence

  2. CHANGING Expectations

    & Setting the Proper Ones

  3. REDUCE Resistance

    & Gain Acceptance

  4. Understanding the BUYING Brain

    Three Types of Buyers

  5. MOTIVATING Complacent People

    Selling to Their Hot Buttons

  6. Pain of the SAME > Pain of CHANGE

    Amplifying Their Sense of Urgency

Sales Presence

Engage & Connect

Have you ever been bored out of your mind listening to a presenter? Well, you’re not alone. In this series you will LEARN what it takes to create and have sales presence (i.e., the ability to command attention and demand action). Discover simple to use techniques to keep your listener (buyer) engaged in what you’re selling.

  1. Influencing Customers to LISTEN & ACT

    Why is Sales Presence Important?

  2. The Enthusiasm EFFECT

    How to Connect on a Personal Level

  3. Framing the Conversation

    Developing a Authenticity & a Narrative

  4. FOCUSING Your Message

    Defending Your Position

  5. Confidence & CONCISENESS

    Command Attention & Demand Action

  6. Body Language

    All the Little Things

Hi-Tech Selling

The Next Big Thing?

Thanks to technology, today‘s customers are more informed than ever, and their trust factor is low. In this series you learn how to use technology in your sales process.

Technology plays a major role today in supporting all aspects of the selling function. Benefits include improved relationships with customers and improved processes of finding qualified prospects and turning them into customers. Technology improves the sales communications process and supports effective presentation of products and services. Understand some of the available technologies used in selling functions to make your sales process more effective.

  1. Technology & the Sales Process

    Make Technology Work With You

  2. BIG Data

    Driving Customer Insights

  3. Social Platforms DRIVING Sales

    Important New Tools

  4. PROS & Cons of Digital Technology

    Technological Revolution & the Need to Adapt

  5. Using Technology to Sell

    The Salesperson of Tomorrow

  6. How A.I. is Changing Your World

    Change Before You Have to

Competitive Selling

Own Your Competition

The rise in the number of competitors and the increasing ease with which customers can research and compare their options means that you will have to acknowledge your rivals. But what is the best way to sell your solution over a competitor’s?

While we have all experienced that deal where a customer comes to you with their research already done and fully committed to buying this is not the norm. A customer almost certainly will be evaluating you alongside one or more competitors. For the customer, the sales cycle is about how they can gather all of the relevant information and make an informed decision as to their optimal solution. So as a sales rep, what do you do when you hear “How do you compare against X 
or Y?”

  1. Developing a Comparative Matrix

  2. Using a Comparative Matrix

  3. DIFFERENTIATE Your Product

    Stand Out From the Crowd

  4. Delivering a TAILORED Presentation

    Selling What’s Important to THAT Buyer

  5. 5 Reasons Customers DON’T Buy

    Hint: It’s NOT the Price

  6. Cost of Discounting

    Hint: It’s a LOT Higher Than You Think

Brilliant Basics

Own Your Competition

Create the foundation for your sales process with these guided steps to increase your sales velocity. Build your new, more profitable sales process from the ground up

  1. Acquiring the Sales MINDSET

    I Will Sell a House Today

  2. Creating YOUR Sales Process

    What’s Important to the Buyer

  3. Meeting the Customer

    And Asking the Right Questions

  4. BEST Way to Demonstrate

    Selling to Buyers Motivations

  5. What Buyers Want to Hear From You

    Planning the Outcome

  6. Sales Velocity- Sell More, FASTER

    Make the Buying Process Easy

Closing the Credibility Gap

Building Trust & Keeping It

Closing the sale often times has less to do with the product or price and more with whether or not the customer TRUSTS YOU. In this series you’ll learn easy to implement tips that will allow you to not only CONNECT with your customer but also build the necessary trust and CREDIBILITY to make the sale.

  1. Information OVERLOAD

    Stop the Word Vomit

  2. Sympathy vs Empathy

    Understanding Your Buyer On a Deeper Level

  3. Why Listening Works

    Active Listening

  4. Providing Sales INSIGHT

    What Buyers Want to Hear From You

  5. Why Deals STALL

    What Stops Buyers From Moving Forward

  6. Negative & POSITIVE Conversations

    Sequencing Good & Bad News

The Theory of Closing

Know or No?

“Closing” is misunderstood because it is often seen as a moment in time – that is, it’s all about the “big close” at the end of the discussion. This viewpoint will lead to a faulty approach, and likely an awkward and unwelcome final close.

Gaining Commitment however is best seen as a process, as if crossing a river by hopping from boulder to boulder. The key is to understand that each attempt is linked to the next, that you are “hopping” from one agreement to another and thereby presenting a logical path to the customer.

  1. The Closing MINDSET

    Understanding Your Role in the Close

  2. The Cost of NOT Closing

    The Responsibility to Close

  3. The End Game is NOT the Close

    Where the fun begins & the Truth Comes Out

  4. Know or No

    “Know” the Difference

  5. Relationship and the Close

    How One Fuels the Other

  6. The 20/80 Rule

    Top Secret**

Mindset & Motivation

Know or No?

Before your customer even sets foot through your door, there is a lot of work that needs to be done! Making sure that you are both physically and mentally ready prior to any interaction with a guest will ensure you get started in the right direction!

  1. Work to Your POTENTIAL

    NOT Your Quota

  2. Shoot for EXTRAORDINARY

    Do What Others Refuse to Do

  3. Failure is IMPOSSIBLE

  4. Humble & HUNGRY

  5. Approach Success as Your Duty

  6. NEVER Lower Your Target Mentality

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