5 Day Master Class


The buyers perspective

This course is designed for veteran and career sales experts looking for new and innovative content to help them develop on their journey as master sales professionals.
This advanced sales training academy begins by analyzing the sales process from the ”buyers perspective”. Being an effective salesperson requires a firm understanding of the “psychological triggers” in the decision making process. Why now? Why here? Why this? Why me?

It’s not about HOW you sell, it’s about HOW they buy.

Why do people buy? How do they make buying decisions? What motivates people to buy one product over another of equal price?
This course is designed for the sales professional ready to take the next step on the journey to sales excellence.

Day 1
  • Evolution of a Salesperson
  • Sales Reboot
  • SalesLosophy
  • Selling from Strength
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Creating Your Sales Process
Day 2
  • What's in Your Presentation
  • Hot Buttons
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Best Demonstration
  • Influencing Change
  • Sales Presence
Day 3
  • Value-Centric Selling
  • Customers Mindset
  • Pain of the Same > Pain of Change
  • Blocking Objections
  • A Negotiation Alternative
  • The Theory of Closing
Day 4
  • Value-Centric Selling
  • Value Impact
  • Pain of the Same > Pain of Change
  • 5 Reasons People Don’t Buy
  • Closing the Credibility Gap
  • Changing Expectations
Day 5
  • The Theory of Closing
  • The Closing Mindset
  • The Cost of Not Closing
  • Relationship & the Close
  • Sales Rehab- Selling out of a Slump
  • Effective Action Plans

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