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Data Integration
17 Jun 2021

Data Integration: Why it’s important for your business

As technology advances, the amount of data stored in the digital universe exponentially increases. What many businesses are beginning to realize is that data analysis is essential for a company…

Chad Countryman
11 Jun 2021

Hitting it out of the park with Chad Countryman

Chad joined the ApostleTech team nearly four years ago, after spending eight years as the lead developer for a logistics company. Chad was initially hired as a Senior Developer at…

27 May 2021

3 best practices for homebuilder marketing

Homebuilder marketing 101: “If you build it, they will come…,” wrong! Traditionally, homebuilders would wait until project completion before marketing their properties. In today’s digital era, it is essential to…

Austin Mills
24 May 2021

Meet Austin Mills: Taking on challenges and delivering solutions

Austin Mills started his career with ApostleTech as an intern in early 2019 and after graduation, he was offered a full-time position with the team as a Salesforce Support Specialist.…

Customer Journey Map
12 May 2021

What is a customer journey map?

Consumer behavior is changing, and all these changes have impacted the customer journey map. So, what is the customer journey map? The customer journey is a set of experiences that…

CRM increase Sales
29 Apr 2021

How can CRM increase sales?

Did you know that CRM applications can increase revenue by 41 percent? Any business with a sales team knows that a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is crucial to…

22 Apr 2021

Meet Liz Aldridge: Leading the way in client services

Liz joined the ApostleTech team in 2020 as a Client Manager and was quickly promoted to Manager of Client Services. She’s spent more than a decade working in sales operations,…

02 Apr 2021

The Benefits of Small Business CRM

Regardless of a company’s size, if it sells products or services to customers, it will benefit from a CRM solution. Although small businesses realize the importance of CRM, smaller companies…

29 Mar 2021

Top 5 Home Builder Marketing Tips

When it comes to home builder marketing, trying to keep up with the current trends can be daunting. While there are many tips and tools that can enhance home builder…

22 Mar 2021

Cooking up CRM Solutions: Q & A with Lily Ingram

Lily’s career path is an interesting one. She joined the ApostleTech team as a Client Services Consultant nearly 2 years ago. Before making the leap into client service, Lily was…

15 Mar 2021

Follow-Up Email Mistakes to Avoid

Email is one of the most convenient communication tools for following up with a potential customer, after an initial introduction or inquiry. A well-written, personalized follow-up email can make an…

11 Mar 2021

ApostleTech in the News: MarketWatch

Beazer Homes Selects ApostleTech for Nationwide CRM Software Implementation ApostleTech was featured in MarketWatch announcing its new partnership with Beazer Homes for a nationwide CRM software implementation. ApostleTech will develop…