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22 Jan 2021

Top Marketing Features for CRM Users

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can do more than organize contacts on a company-wide scale, especially when integrated with marketing features. With the right marketing features, CRM software can help boost…

06 Jan 2021

Benefits of Cloud-based CRM programs

Cloud-based CRM programs allow users to access information and dashboards in real-time, from any device. This not only saves time, it eliminates a duplication of work and automates essential processes…

23 Dec 2020

How to Improve Customer Experience with CRM

CRM is typically touted as a tool that can be used for increasing revenue, streamlining processes, and gathering information—all on one database. While all of these features help businesses develop…

Email Marketing
16 Dec 2020

CRM Email Marketing: 5 Tips to Up Your Game

CRM email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a brand and communicate to a tailored audience. While some CRM email marketing campaigns can appear spammy, when…

08 Dec 2020

Ditch Your Builder Registration Cards to Go Digital

The information on a customer registration card is invaluable for tracking customer leads and converting them to buyers. The ongoing challenge is traditionally salespeople are more interested connecting with customers…

24 Nov 2020

What is CRM and How Can Your Business Benefit

In the last few years, more companies have been implementing CRM software than ever before. This also means more businesses are asking themselves: What is CRM and how will it…

CRM Software
10 Nov 2020

5 Tips to overcome resistance to new CRM software

There are hundreds of articles that talk about why salespeople resist using a CRM. The real question to ask is “Why isn’t the sales team using a CRM software to…

29 Oct 2020

Home Builder CRM: Celebrate, Recognize, Motivate

Adopting and implementing a new CRM solution can be challenging for companies in the home building industry. One of the biggest challenges is the sales team often views a Home…

Chatbot Technology
13 Oct 2020

Benefits of Chatbot Technology

If you have shopped online, you have most likely experienced chatbot technology. The pop-up screen offering assistance, answering questions and virtually helping customers is made possible through chatbot technology. Companies…

TecHome Summit
24 Sep 2020

TecHome Builder Online Summit 2020

Our team at ApostleTech continues to commit to creating emerging technology solutions for the home building industry. On September 29-30, we will be showcasing our CRM for home builders at…

04 Sep 2020

Breaking Out of Spreadsheet Prison.

Are you old enough to remember when spreadsheets were new? Okay, you don’t have to answer that. But you probably remember your first thorny spreadsheet project; you stared at the…

24 Aug 2020

Big Data, Small Team: Why Data Is Finally an Even Playing Field

Remember when everyone started talking about Big Data? Businesses were excited about all those valuable insights and their potential to transform organizations. Then some businesses