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Benefits of Chatbot Technology

October 13, 2020

If you have shopped online, you have most likely experienced chatbot technology. The pop-up screen offering assistance, answering questions and virtually helping customers is made possible through chatbot technology. Companies can utilize the technology to help support and scale business teams and enhance operations. With the power of artificial intelligence, chatbot technology allows companies to work more efficiently and effectively engage with potential and current customers, increase sales and enhance the marketing process.

If you are interested in chatbot technology, it is helpful to understand the benefits of integrating this technology and how it can work with your CRM platform to facilitate sales leads.

24-7 Availability

On average, customers spend around 7 minutes on hold before being connected to a customer care specialist or sales representative. A chatbot is available anytime, anyday to offer assistance, answer questions and gather valuable information. This function replaces time spent on emails and phone calls with live chats at the customers’ convenience. A chatbot feature improves customer experience and helps companies significantly increase responsiveness.

Multitasking Ability

While a sales or customer care representative can focus on assisting only one customer at a time, chatbot technology is capable of simultaneously answering thousands of questions and communicating with multiple customers. A chatbot is also able to address and provide a response in a matter of minutes.

Customer Satisfaction

Chatbot technology is a valuable tool that helps increase a company’s ability to meet customer expectations. Time is a valuable commodity for both the customer and company representatives. When a customer must wait for answers, it is no surprise that frustrations increase and interest can quickly wane. Chatbots allow companies to connect with customers immediately, gather information that can help create a customer profile and learn more about their needs.

Increased Engagement, Increased Sales

We know that increased customer engagement leads to increased sales. When a company uses chatbots to gather client history and data they are able to interact and engage with potential customers instantly and begin building relationships. Chatbots serve as an excellent initial touchpoint that automatically enlists interaction and starts a conversation and delivers a personalized response. When a potential customer or client engages with a chatbot that information can then be used by the sales team to reach out and take the next step in relationship building.

Chatbot Integration

ApostleTech is collaborating with AtlasRTX to offer chatbot integration capabilities with the company’s CRM platform, HCP, which is built specifically for companies in the homebuilding industry. AtlasRTX’s chatbot tools bring sophisticated artificial intelligence to home builder websites, helping lead engagement and model home visit follow-ups online and via SMS — all of which easily downloads into CRM, HCP.

HCP is now available as a mobile app, allowing sales representatives to record information, add new prospects, create mobile visitor cards, send an email / SMS text, and set up appointments from anywhere at any time.

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