What Trails Are You Blazing?

Are you a Customer Trailblazer? If not, it’s not too late for you to become one.

Maybe you’re not familiar with the term. It’s what Salesforce calls those people and companies who leverage the platform to drive innovation, solve problems and transform their careers and their teams.

No doubt you’re already using Salesforce to take care of the basics: understanding customers and prospects, closing deals, keeping your team informed and empowered. And that’s great. But some users are pushing themselves towards disrupting their markets and paving the way for new business models. In short, they’re inventive thinkers who are turning their sales tech into engines of ingenuity.

I know you want to drive a better customer experience. It’s not a simple ask. Neither is energizing your sales team and taking them to a higher level through technology. But some leaders are rising to the challenge – and here’s how they’re doing it.

They’re all about empowering people through technology – and not just their team.

Let’s admit it. Traditionally, IT has existed in its own bubble. IT leaders may be hunkered down integrating new platforms, solving an outage or monitoring dashboards for signs of cyber attacks, but they don’t always have a seat at the business strategy table. Trailblazers are changing that by using their technology to help every part of the business function at a higher level. Maybe it’s about helping the customer success team access key information, or using applications to align sales and marketing. Maybe they’re figuring out the right metrics that can turn sales effort into sales efficiency. Overall, they’re kicking down silos and helping the entire organization get stronger.

They don’t just ask for innovation – they foster it.

Trailblazers look beyond their traditional systems and hunt for opportunities to help others get creative. They know when people are bogged down in tedious tasks, they probably aren’t going to carve a few hours for brainstorming or meeting with other teams to develop synergy. One basic example: cloud technology has freed workers from maintaining hardware and allowed them to focus on more flexible improvements. Salesforce can help businesses scale projects, integrate important tools and connect data, which gives everyone more time to be creative and think outside the box.

They’re all about their customers.

When sales tech first came around, people thought it would help sales reps connect with prospects and buyers. Today we’ve gone way beyond that. Now smart leaders are exploring ways to help every employee better understand and assist customers. By connecting customer data across platforms, different teams and departments can all draw from a well of valuable information – adding up to a seamless experience for the customer that ultimately increases loyalty and satisfaction. The customer experience is no longer about one transaction or phone call. It’s about a connected community that offers an “anywhere/anytime” availability to help customers feel understood and fulfilled, no matter what their challenges.

But they care about their employees too.

Okay, so it’s a cliché but it’s still true: your workforce is your greatest asset. Customers may be vital, but leaders know that employees — from all departments — want to enjoy a seamless, mobile-friendly experience while they’re at work. Trailblazers have made it their mission to boost collaboration, productivity and talent retention through better access to information and tools for everyone. Not only does it drive up employee morale, it fosters an overall commitment to excellence built on a foundation of employee loyalty. Increased productivity from a motivated, skilled workforce: there’s no better recipe for a great brand experience for customers, or an increase in revenue.

Ready to be a Customer Trailblazer? Your Salesforce platform can give you the tools. Transformation is just a few fresh new ideas away.